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Small Business Association & HUB ZONE Certified 
Industry Solutions
Residential & Commercial Moving Crates 

JJ Box creates custom A Frame crates for glass panels, window panes, stained glass, & custom windows, keeping our goal of careful transportation in mind.  

Aerospace / Turbine / Jet Engine 
JJ Box services many Aerospace companies shipping to locations world wide. We offer a complete line of crates specially designed for the industry, from extreme protection for fragile small electronic component to a crate for a Main Rotor Blade, we can design a crate for you or make one to meet your exact specifications. 

-ISPM-15 export compliant 
-Ultimate protection for shipment 
-Custom made to order with supports to house 
even the most unique objects
JJ Box can create custom one time and reusable crates for specific pieces of furniture , pianos, lighting & chandeliers, and fine art, for both domestic and international shipping. 

We can also create custom crates that will hold and provide for safe transport of dorm rooms, and apartments. 

College moves across the country or to another country 
Care for large delicate chandelier 
Crates made to cradle each object with custom supports to hug each item individually. 

JJ Box creates custom A Frame and traditional crates for shipping fine art and ceramics. We can create custom inserts or line with foam, so that the contents will not be disturbed during the shipping process. 

Glass, Stone Slab & Architectural Crating 
Fine Art & Ceramics